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Financing and insurance solutions with our partner

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Panga Ferret compares for you and selects from various offers from our financial partners, the best financing solution adapted to your needs.
There is your usual banker and there are our financial partners, in yacht financing.

Example of boat financing:

For a Pro open 19 of €36,500 with a contribution of 30%, That is €10,950.

– In LOA:
Over 8 years (96 months) in LOA, you reimburse 95 rents of €304.37 per month (excluding death insurance). The total amount of the Rental with Option to Purchase is €39,865.15 including tax, final purchase option of €365.00 including tax, i.e. a total amount due of €40,230.15 including tax (with option to purchase final). Brokerage fee of €300.

– In yachting credit:
Over 8 years (96 months), you reimburse €310.69 per month (excluding death insurance). The total amount due is €29,826.24. Total cost of the loan of €4,276.24. Fixed APR of 3.90%. Fixed borrowing rate of 3.832%. Brokerage fee of €300.

(Example not contractual)

High-performance multi-risk boating insurance

civil liability, cover for the boat in all circumstances, protection of on-board equipment, cover for water sports, assistance, legal protection, etc.

Innovative and exclusive guarantees

assistance and repair at quay and at sea 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in the event of an immobilizing breakdown.

engine damage warranty to protect against breakdowns of random origin and up to 15 years of the engine.

Many services to make boating easier for you

marine weather forecast, virtual and personal concierge, boat maintenance, online classified ads, bill of sale, shop area, boat monitoring...

Get a quote now in just a few clicks.

​ Subject to acceptance by the credit institution, and according to their current financial and pricing conditions.

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